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Little Shoppinglist Pro

Developer: SynchroTronLabs
2.4 usd

**Important - First start needs internet access because of license check. If this fails a second try or reinstall might help. If nothing helps please provide feedback via** This is the pro version of my "Little Shopping List". You can add things to the list, then later show the items in an overview where you're able to erase them after putting them to cart.So you only see whats left to buy. But this version has more features like • Warehouse for products• Categories • Markets • Units• Notes for cart entries• Many customization options (hide categories/markets/notes)• XML-Import-Export• Camera/gallery-support • Multiple lists • Sharing lists via mail for import• Tablet Layout when editing lists• Voice Input• Multiple sort features and much more.
Permissions are for License check and XML-Import/Export.